Variable decode

decode: ((context, arraybuffer, successCallback?, errorCallback?) => void)

Type declaration

    • (context, arraybuffer, successCallback?, errorCallback?): void
    • This class (static) method decodes instance of ArrayBuffer to instance of AudioBuffer.


      • context: AudioContext

        This argument is instance of AudioContext for decodeAudioData method.

      • arraybuffer: ArrayBuffer

        This argument is decoded to instance of AudioBuffer.

      • Optional successCallback: ((buffer) => void)

        This argument is invoked on success.

          • (buffer): void
          • Parameters

            • buffer: AudioBuffer

            Returns void

      • Optional errorCallback: ((error) => void)

        This argument is invoked on failure.

          • (error): void
          • Parameters

            • error: Error

            Returns void

      Returns void

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